Hasmukh Sahab Ki Wasiyat

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Mahesh Dattani’s Hasmukh Saab Ki Wasiyat is a harsh yet comedic reflection of the patriarchal society. Lined with fine humor and a crisp script, the play is a witty theatrical satire. The characters are brilliant in the way it’s been scripted.
It is a perfect blend of drama and dark humor. Thought-provoking and at times introspective, Hasmukh Saab Ki Wasihat will entertain the audience without any doubt.
Plot: Hasmukh Mehta is anything but "Hasmukh". He is a rich grouchy old autocratic businessman, who doesn’t appreciate independent thinking. He controls his family for every small thing from mobile phones to paranthe. And, everyone abides by his code of rules. His wife, his son and also the daughter-in-law, bears with him hoping for a better future. But even after his sudden death, Hasmukh refuses to detach himself from his family and tries to control them with the most heinous will ever made.
The play takes a closer look at the relationships within a family. It especially focuses on the dominance of the father-figure on the other members of the family.

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